Web Accessibility Focus

Web Accessibility Focus is the web accessibility component of the IT Accessibility Project at the University of Iowa.  

The Iowa Regents Institutions Disability Awareness Summit returns to Iowa City October 3. View the full Disability Summit Agenda here.

The University of Iowa is committed to providing everyone with equivalent access to University websites, applications, and resources. The primary purpose of Web Accessibility Focus is to support, promote, and advocate for web accessibility on campus and in the community. Although the focus is on web accessibility, Web Accessibility Focus works for accessibility in every realm of technology.

Web Accessibility Focus pursues this purpose through four main activities:

In addition to these, Web Accessibility Focus provides services, presentations, documentation, and other accessibility supports to the UI community.

InFocus: Accessibility Resources for Social Media Users

Increasingly, institutions are leveraging social media to communicate and engage with their audience. What can communicators and content experts do to ensure that their social media presence is as accessible as possible?

View Accessibility Resources for Social Media Users

InFocus: Captioning

Video captions are an essential aspect of web accessibility, and a hot topic in higher education. For users who are deaf or hard of hearing, captions may be the only way to perceive the message in your media.

But captions benefit all users. Non-native English speakers can use them to reinforce a lecture; users in loud or distracting environments can read them without headphones; search engines can index the content of caption files; and you can retain total control over your message.

Learn more about captioning