Web Accessibility: Resources for Web Developers

Accessibility Testing: Forms

Testing Methodology

  • Keyboard-operability: complete and submit the form without using a mouse or stylus;
  • Labeled fields
    • Click or send focus to a field's ¬†corresponding <label> element; the field should take focus, OR;
    • Evaluate form <label> items using the Forms tool in the Web Developer toolbar; OR
    • Fields without <label> tags use the TITLE attribute to provide contextual information
  • Review error detection and recovery mechanisms to ensure that:
    • Cursor focuses to the message in the alert mechanism;
    • The user can navigate by keyboard within the alert interface;
    • When the user closes the alert mechanism, focus returns to the point of the error, or another appropriate location within the document


  • Web Developer Toolbar (Forms >> View Form Information)
    • Generates a grid of fields and labels
  • WAVE (Errors, Features and Alerts)
    • Reveals unlabeled form controls
  • WAVE (Text-Only)
    • Exposes labels within form controls