Web Accessibility at Iowa

ALT Text: Some Don'ts

  • Don't use "Image of", "picture of", "graphic of", "logo", or similar constructions in your ALT text UNLESS the purpose of the image is to present a painting, photograph, chart or similar item
  • Don't use file paths and file names as ALT text
  • Don't use the same ALT text for multiple images in a page
  • Don't use the same text for ALT and TITLE information
  • Don't add ALT text for decorative images, spacers, or other images with no contextual purpose BUT be sure to apply an empty ALT attribute (alt="")
  • If empty ALT text is used, omit the TITLE attribute entirely
  • Don't try to include too much information about a complex image into an ALT attribute BUT consider a link or pointer to a longer description if the image provides meaningful content