Web Accessibility Testing

Online Media


Online media include video and audio files, animations, Flash movies, and other time-based content. Media may be live or prerecorded, and may be synchronized with other content or required interaction (e.g., performing a task when directed by a person in a video). For accessibility purposes, media may be hosted on University media services or externally (e.g., YouTube, Vimeo, etc.)

Media players are also of concern when testing the accessibility of online media, as users must be able to operate the player controls in order to use the media being presented.

Why is this an accessibility issue?

Media can present a variety of accessibility barriers to people with visual and auditory disabilities, and media player can present barriers to people with dexterity disabilities or paralysis. Captions and transcripts can help deaf or hard-of-hearing users to capture online audio, and accessible players can benefit those who may have difficulty operating a media player with a mouse

Testing Methodology

  • Ensure that all online video is accompanied by captions
  • Ensure that all online audio is accompanied by a text transcript
  • Ensure that University-provided media players are keyboard-accessible, and that individual player controls are announced by screen readers and other assistive technology
  • Ensure that no other accessibility barriers are presented by online media


  • Manual check to ensure that video is accompanied by captions
  • Manual check to ensure that audio is accompanied by transcripts
  • Keyboard (Operate player with mouse disconnected)
    • Allows tester to determine accessibility of player controls


Web media meets media accessibility criteria if:

  • Video is accompanied by captions
  • Captions are synchronized with video
  • Video is accompanied by audio descriptions
  • Audio is accompanied by an accessible transcript
  • Media player is keyboard-operable
  • Media player is operable by screen reader user
  • No other barriers are presented by the use of the media