Accessibility in the Project Lifecycle

Tips for Service Owners

The following tips are intended to assist University of Iowa service owners and designers in supporting accessibility in web services.

Be aware of the University Web Accessibility policy

The UI Web Accessibility policy is located at This policy pertains to all web-delivered services on the Iowa campus.

Key points

  • All service users must be able to use the service in an effective manner

How IT Accessibility group can help

  • Explain and clarify the accessibility policy for Service Owners and other stakeholders

Consider the core functionality of your service

Most web services are designed to provide specific functionality. When designing , building, and supporting your service, consider how your service might be used by people with disabilities.  What, if any, additional features might you need to provide to ensure that your service is accessible?

Key points

  • Not all users will access services in the same way
  • If accessibility is not possible, a clear and robust accommodation strategy should be in place

How the IT Accessibility group can help

  • Assist service owners and designers in understanding where IT services may present accessibility barriers.