Accessibility in the Project Lifecycle

Tips for IT Leaders

The following tips are intended to assist University of Iowa IT leaders in supporting accessibility in web development initiatives.

Be aware of the University Web Accessibility policy

The UI Web Accessibility policy is located at This policy pertains to all new web development on the Iowa campus, as well as many existing web assets.

Key points

  • Risk management; legal requirements
  • Policy can streamline IT efforts by providing consistent guidance across diverse project areas

How IT Accessibility group can help

  • Provide leaders with feedback on the effectiveness and currency of policy
  • Request policy review to ensure that policy reflects best practices, industry standards

Champion accessibility where you can

IT leaders should make a point of acknowledging and endorsing accessibility whenever the opportunity arises. By communicating the strategic importance of accessibility, leaders

Key points

  • Accessibility is a required component of all University of Iowa web development projects
  • Accessibility is an intrinsic project issue, affecting timeline, budget, staffing, and other outcomes
  • All roles in the project team contribute to accessibility

How the IT Accessibility group can help

  • Provide accessibility presentations to project team and other stakeholders

Green-light accessible IT practices

One question that is frequently asked by IT staff and others is, "How can I justify the extra cost associated with accessibility?"  By explicitly green-lighting accessibility

Key points

  • Accessibility has costs, and these costs yield additional benefits
  • Extra development time may be necessary to create more robust sites and applications

How the IT Accessibility group can help

  • Work to help leaders and project teams understand the real costs of benefits of accessibility in terms of product longevity, ease of maintenance, risk avoidance, and quality assurance.