Accessibility in the Project Lifecycle

Accessibility Opportunities

The following list describes potential opportunities to incorporate accessibility into the project lifecycle. Consider your role in IT development, procurement, project management, or other role. What could you contribute to accessibility efforts?

  • Discovery/Intake/Planning
    • Ensure that accessibility is a project requirement
    • Identify accessibility features or deficits in technologies and frameworks
    • Calculate risk analysis, exposure
    • Provide training/orientation for project team
  • Design
    • Examine impact of functional requirements on accessibility, explore use cases
    • Integrate accessibility standards into technical standards
    • Develop graphical, structural guidelines for authoring and development; responsive design
  • Development
    • Apply accessible development practices
    • Review checklists, guidelines, assessment templates
    • Conduct iterative testing throughout development process
    • Check interface functionality, relationships, progressive enhancement
  • Testing
    • Conduct automated testing
    • Conduct manual testing
    • Conduct user testing
    • Create documentation