7 Conditions of Accessible e-Learning Content

Text Content

  • Text must be presented in a machine-readable text format
  • Text must remain legible when magnified to 200%
  • Text must contrast sufficiently with background

Graphical Content

  • Graphics and images must be accompanied by alternate text that describes the image's content, meaning, and context
  • Purely decorative images should not be exposed to assistive technology

Media Content

  • Video content must be accompanied by synchronized captions
  • Audio-only content must be accompanied by a text transcript
  • Media controls must be operable without the use of the mouse

Interactive elements

  • All interactive controls (buttons, menus, widgets) must receive focus via the keyboard
  • All interactive controls must permit full and equivalent keyboard operation and activation (e.g., click, drag, mouseover, etc)
  • All interactive controls must include accessible names (e.g., labels, text nodes, ARIA labels) that identify them to the user
  • All interactive controls must include descriptive roles (e.g., native element tags, ARIA roles) that describe their purpose to the user


  • Content should be organized according to functional or topical regions (topic headings, navigation blocks, interface controls, assessment controls, player controls)
  • Elements should provide a visual indicator when they receive focus
  • Users should have a means to move back and forward within the content
  • When linearized (presented sequentially from beginning to end, as in tab order) the content must reflect the visual content order, process order, or other content flow                 

Live/Dynamic Content, Alerts, Error Management, Feedback

  • When any activity requires instructions, the instructions should precede the activity, or there must be a clear way for users to navigate from the instructions to the activity
  • Alerts, notices, feedback, and other changes in content or context must be exposed to the user in real time
  • Widget state and property values should be exposed when the widget receives focus

Responsive Design

  • Responsive interface designs must include relevant accessibility factors in each responsive state