Captioning and Transcription

Video Captions in YouTube

The University of Iowa Web Accessibility Policy requires that University web resources be designed and maintained in accordance with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, version 2.0, level AA.  For most University web video, this includes providing accurate, synchronized captions.  In most use cases, a caption is a file that contains a timed text version of a video's audio track, and is uploaded to the same media server as the video.

One way to provide captions is by leveraging subtitle and captioning tools on YouTube. YouTube provides numerous tools to transcribe, edit, synchronize, and publish video captions. You can also import existing captions and transcripts into YouTube's captioning tools.

  1. In YouTube, navigate to the Video Manager to manage your video.  The video may already have automated subtitles or closed captions attached; you can decide whether to delete these.
  2. Select the button  labeled "Add new subtitles or CC", and the language of your caption or subtitles.
  3. Select "Upload a File" (or another method by which you will add your caption or subtitles).
  4. If the file you upload is a transcript, you will need to set the timings through the Set Timings button.
  5. After the transcript is synchronized, you may wish to fine-tune the timing and grouping of the captions in the caption editor.
  6. Your captions are complete. 

Subtitles and CC tool screen in YouTube

View a captioning tutorial from the National Center on Disability and Access to Education (NCDAE)