10 Ways to Improve Your Site's Accessibility

Keyboard Operability

Mouse-only interfaces can present significant accessibility barriers to users who require the keyboard or other inputs to operate a site or application.  Some barriers include:

  • The inability access or focus to certain interface elements
  • The need to tab numerous times to move from element to element in a page
  • Difficulty or inability to correct invalid or inaccurate inputs in a form
  • Difficulty or inability to manipulate media player controls and other embedded objects
  • Keyboard traps: e.g., the inability to "click" their way out of an embedded object or other interface loop

Facilitate keyboard navigation by using headings, anchors, and ARIA landmarks

  • Headings should be correctly nested, with at least one <h1> per page
  • ARIA landmarks combine keyboard navigability with descriptions of regions
  • Named anchors are an older technique, but well-known and robust

Manage keyboard focus for links, form elements, and table cells

  • Add focus:, active: pseudo-classes to anchor and input elements to ensure that users can visually follow the movement of the cursor